Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Zeppelin "Super Deluxe Edition" late three works (Update)

As the final chapter of remastered and unreleased series, the late three titles will be released.
Following titles;
"Presence" (1976)
"In Through the Out Door" (1979)
"Coda" (1982)

Also released this time, Standard Edition that the original album was the latest remastered, For the first time valuable source of full unpublished included the Deluxe Edition, Furthermore luxurious booklet and benefits of DL card, etc. also included the Super Deluxe Edition (Limited BOX) will be released.

And it will be released worldwide simultaneously on July 31. Standard Edition and Deluxe Edition heavyweight analog vinyl in some countries will also be released.

"In Through the Out Door" because the plan initial of the brown bag is also reprint reproduction, also in the "Coda" is comes with two companion audio Deluxe Edition is a three disc set.

Trial listening meeting is held decision in Tokyo and Osaka (also attending Jimmy Page).

Friday, July 17, 2015

Queen of 180g weight & color vinyl LP box set will be released

Queen studio album 15 title on heavyweight 180g in colored vinyl 18 analog disc box set called "The Studio Collection" will be released on September 25.
Each title has been mastering again by Bob Ludwig who is prominent engineer.
1108 page hard cover book in the box are also included.
Scheduled to be released also single item of each title on the same day, here is 180g weight normal black vinyl.

Trailer video

Special Site

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Album "Jeff Beck Group" is recurrent in 4.0ch hybrid multi-channel SACD

Jeff Beck Group album "Jeff Beck Group" (1972) is recurrent in 4.0ch hybrid multi-channel SACD from AUDIO FIDELITY.
Release is scheduled for August 21.