Wednesday, February 18, 2015

The Beatles' Hamburg tape to auction

Master tape of Germany Hamburg performances of the Beatles in Dec. 1962 to auction.
According to The Guardian, it seems is the current owner Larry Grossberg has decided to put up for sale in consideration of their own age (74 years).
Scheduled auction to take place in London in Ted Owen & Company on March 26.
Successful bid expected price it is said that 100,000~150,000 pounds.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Led Zeppelin "Physical Graffiti" Super Deluxe Edition

"Physical Graffiti" is the work of Led Zeppelin in 1975.
Promotional video that introduces the contents of the Super Deluxe edition has been published. It will be available in February 24 in the United States.

This reissue, the third installment of the remastered project that has been carried out from 2014. Ever reissue similar, 2CD original disc that has been remastered by Jimmy Page supervision and bonus disc that contains the complete unreleased "Companion Audio Disc" is included.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

The BBC Archives

A new Set of the definitive edition of BBC source appeared. It will replace the "Unsurpassed Broadcasts (2nd Edition)".

This is what had been circulated clandestinely among some of the fan in 2014.
It contains all tape source that creator available on BBC radio program Beatles appeared in 1962 -1970. It also has been recorded interview program since 1965 to quit playing for the radio. This is the exertional consisting of CD23 + DVD1.

When burn them to disk and housed in a slim case, it seems to be to fit in outer box of the same name of the book "The BBC Archives" by Kevin Howlett. (Maybe it is piggybacked on books)

Monday, February 2, 2015

Rare color film of The Beatles taken in '63 is on auction

According to ABC News Radio, about 3 and a half minutes of silent film from being exhibition that was shot in 8 mm film Hosted concert scene in the ABC theater in the UK Blackpool to auction. (DVD was recorded this video is exhibited in the auction).
Camera operator seems singer Chas McDevitt of skiffle group that also appeared on the day.
Auction will be held from February 5 in the UK-based auction company Ewbank's Fine Art Auctions.
Successful bid price has been expected to 7,000~9,000 pounds.
Currently published teaser video of about 15 seconds.
No sound is included in this teaser. I do not know whether it is included in the original video.
Even so, 52 years ago video can be seen now is a surprise!