Thursday, December 25, 2014

The Beatles Christmas Record History has been featured on Ultimate Classic Rock

Mary Crimble!!
As Ultimate Classic Rock Christmas planning, posted a "Beatles Christmas Record History," which featured the past Christmas songs of the Beatles and members.

Originally, it is Sonosheet the Beatles had been distributed for fan club on Christmas.
It was recorded a message and songs (also included unreleased songs), it is valuable now.
The more it can be said that every year, these collected bootlegs are many release.

In particular, unedited version of "Christmas Time Is Here Again" in 1967 is worth to listen.
Basically, in the repetition of the same lyrics, playing bored members from the middle has become messy.

Friday, December 5, 2014

The Beach Boys' 2 albums on sale

Including the unreleased outtakes that Beach Boys was recorded in '64, entitled "The Beach Boys Sessions 1964 Keep An Eye On Summer" and "The Beach Boys Live In Sacramento 1964" are released in Limited Edition.
This release will have seen the aim is an extension of the copyright / master rights.