Thursday, February 27, 2014

The Rolling Stones in Japan

Worldwide rock band The Rolling Stones which can be called a living legend.
They goes to Japan it is the sixth time in eight years.
Guitarist Mick Taylor participating as a guest in the ex-member.

       Watchable live video of Tokyo Dome performance February 26 on YouTube official channel of the band.

February 26 (Wed) @ Tokyo Dome  (done)
March 4 (Tuesday) @ Tokyo Dome
March 6 (Thu) @ Tokyo Dome

Get Off Of My Cloud
It's Only Rock 'N' Roll (But I Like It)
Tumbling Dice
Wild Horses
Emotional Rescue
Doom And Gloom
Bitch (Fan vote)
Band Introductions
Slipping Away (with Keith on lead vocals and Mick Taylor joining on guitar)
Before They Make Me Run (with Keith on lead vocals)
Midnight Rambler (with Mick Taylor)
Miss You
Paint It Black
Gimme Shelter
Start Me Up
Brown Sugar
Jumpin' Jack Flash
Sympathy For The Devil

You Can't Always Get What You Want
(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction (with Mick Taylor)

Friday, February 21, 2014

The Blues Brothers' "Briefcase Full of Blues" in 180g vinyl LP.

The Blues Brothers' "Briefcase Full of Blues" ('78) will be re-released in 180g vinyl LP. Limited Edition. Will be released on February 25. Distributed by Friday Music.

Even so, why now?
But they still cool!

 1. Opening: I Can't Turn You Loose
 2. Hey Bartender
 3. Messin' With The Kid
 4. (I Got Everything I Need) Almost
 5. Rubber Bisquit
 6. Shot Gun Blues
 7. Groove Me
 8. I Don't Know
 9. Soul Man
10. "B" Movie Box Car Blues
11. Flip, Flop & Fly
12. Closing: I Can't Turn You Loose

*What is 180g vinyl?
Normal LP record is 130g.
Benefits by heavy, rotation of the turntable is stabilized.
In addition, the degree of adhesion and the turntable will increase by heavier and  contact with the needle and the groove of the disc seems to be stable.

It is the provisions of the weight by the record company. There seems to be a different case, but most weight Heavy disc is 180g.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Deep Purple's Made In Japan 40th Anniversary Edition

Deep Purple's live album "Made In Japan", that is known as they came to Japan in 1972. It will be released at the end of this March as the 40th Anniversary edition. (Isn't it 42 years ago, to be exact?)
Found some details.

        Included in this 4CD + DVD box set, a new remixed full concert of three days (August 15 & 16 at Osaka and August 17 at Tokyo) in 3CD. Disc 4 contains the source of encore (scheduled for 6 songs) .

        In addition, attached with a DVD that contains the documentary was produced anew and 60 page booklet of rare and unreleased photos.

        Expected to be new remix sound by Martin Pullan made ​​to reissue this time for all sound sources.

        The same day, Boxed set of vinyl records (9 disc) track list the same as the CD version is also released.
And also Deluxe Edition 2LP and 2CD or the only new remix CD.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Japanese swindler

Mamoru Samuragouchi had been rave reviews among various media and in the venerable NHK Special, touted as "Modern Beethoven", "completely deaf genius composer". But that fact, he had asked the compose to Takashi Niigaki as a ghostwriter is a lecturer at the University for 18 years turned out, the shock is running in Japan.
        The reported daily his fraud in Japan now.
        Including the Symphony No. 1 "Hiroshima", figure skater Daisuke Takahashi's program use song "Sonatina for Violin" was also composed by ghostwriter Takashi Niigaki. Takahashi said not change the song for the program. However otherwise, CD and DVD will be recovered, concert that was also planned to cancel all, Hiroshima Municipal Award is canceled.

        And, in addition, Samuragouchi is "Not completely deaf" allegations. 
        In other words, he's just a con artist. During 18 years, everyone was fooled by him. Niigaki conscience did not allow it.

        According to the rumor, it seems to the agent is composing and song making often in the show business.
        It will never be permitted that betrayed a lot of people calls himself "second-generation radiation exposure". They may be sued in the future.

Let me introduce a song of good to such him.

Sexy Sadie, what have you done
You made a fool of everyone
You made a fool of everyone
Sexy Sadie, oh, what have you done

Sexy Sadie, you broke the rules

You laid it down for all to see
You laid it down for all to see
Sexy Sadie, oh, you broke the rules

One sunny day, the world was waiting for a lover

She mame along to turn on everyone
Sexy Sadie, oh, how did you know

Sexy Sadie, how did you know

The world was waiting just for you
The world was waiting just for you
Sexy Sadie, oh, how did you know

Sexy sadie, you'll get yours yet

However big you think you are
However big you think you are
Sexy Sadie, oh, you'll get yours yet

We gave her everything we owned just to sit at her table

Just a smile would lighten everything
Sexy Sadie, she's the latest and the greatest of them all

She made a fool of everyone----Sexy Sadie

However big you think you are----Sexy Sadie

Thursday, February 6, 2014

The Beatles "largest" autograph to auction

       The members of the Beatles painted cartoon and scrawls on the wall of the theater when they appeared on February 9, 1964 TV program "Ed Sullivan Show" that was popular in the US, it will be exhibited at the auction on April in New York.
       It is expected that the value of 800 thousand to one million U.S. $ is would stick.
      The wall is seen as the largest as scrawls about about 23.6 inches length / 47.2 inches side and "The Beatles were here"is written.
      On February 9 1964, The Beatles live-playing at the CBS television popular program "Ed Sullivan Show" at the time, brought out a huge hit then. It is 50 anniversary this year.

(This is an image)