Thursday, October 31, 2013

New title from HMC, arrived!

HMC (a.k.a His Masters Choice) has released new 2CD of the Beatles.
They say "Including previously unreleased tracks!
Listen to the new clarity with which the vocals are pronounced (even better than the remasters say some fans)".
Probably, there is nothing particularly new material.
Chiefly, from old-fashioned film, Blu-ray, iTunes bonus track, Mythology box set, and previously released "Uncovered! 45tracks".


  1. Magical Mystery Tour
  2. Fool On The Hill
  3. Mellotron Music
  4. Flying
  5. I Am The Walrus
  6. Jessie's Dream
  7. There's No Business Like Show Business
  8. Blue Jay Way
  9. Singalong Medley
10. Death Cab For Cutie
11. Your Mother Should Know
12. Magical Mystery Tour Reprise
13. Hello Goodbye Ending
14. Jessie's Dream #2
15. Shirley's Wild Accordion stereo
16. Shirley's Wild Accordion mono
17. Singalong Medley #2
18. Hello Goodbye (Bob Dylan intro)
19. Interview George
20. Interview Ringo
21. Magical Mystery Tour (Film version)
22. Our World Satelite Broadcast

  1. Magical Mystery Tour
  2. Fool On The Hill
  3. Aerial Tour Instrumental
  4. Blue Jay Way
  5. Your Mother Should Know
  6. I Am The Walrus
  7. Hello Goodbye take 1
  8. Penny Lane take 9 remixed
  9. Baby You're A Rich Man
10. All You Need Is Love
11. Strawberry Fields Forever
12. Hello Goodbye
13. I Am The Walrus take 7
14. I Am The Walrus take 8 and 9
15. I Am The Walrus
16. The BBC Beatles Story On Magical Mystery Tour
17. I Am The Walrus

Note: I do NOT know where they are sold or how to get.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Listen to: Paul McCartney In Concert!

BBC has broadcast the "Paul McCartney In Concert" for a limited time. (6 DAYS LEFT TO LISTEN as of today)
Duration: 1 hour, 27 minutes (in real terms 2hours)

It was recorded concert from Maida Vale.
01 Eight Days A Week
02 Save Us
03 Jet
04 My Valentine
05 1985
06 Another Day
07 Everybody Out There
08 Things We Said Today
09 New
10 Queenie Eye
11 Lady Madonna
12 Mr. Kite
13 Band On The Run
14 Back In The USSR
15 Hey Jude
16 interview

Recommended to listen to in a hurry. (I stayed up till 2:00 midnight to catch this)

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Paul McCartney New album "NEW" is coming soon.

It will be released on October 14 in the UK and Japan, on October 15 in the US.
*About "NEW" jacket

Dan Flavin (November 29 - April 1, 1996, 1933) is an artist that inherits the minimal art of the US that left a number of installation works by using a fluorescent lamp mainly through the 1960s. Jacket design is credit were made inspired by him.

1. Save Us (produced by Paul Epworth)
2. Alligator (produced by Mark Ronson)
3. On My Way to Work (produced by Giles Martin)
4. Queenie Eye (produced by Paul Epworth)
5. Early Days (produced by Ethan Johns)
6. New (produced by Mark Ronson)
7. Appreciate (produced by Giles Martin)
8. Everybody Out There (produced by Giles Martin)
9. Hosanna (produced by Ethan Johns)
10. I Can Bet (produced by Giles Martin)
11. Looking At Her (produced by Giles Martin)
12. Road (produced by Paul Epworth)
13. Turned Out (produced by Ethan Johns with additional production by Giles Martin)
14. Get Me Out Of Here (produced by Giles Martin)
Japanese Bonus Track
15. Struggle (produced by Giles Martin)

Some listening available at this URL:

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

40th Anniversary Edition Beck Bogert & Appice "Live In Japan"

The day was the first visit to Japan of Jeff Beck showed off the BBA, in 1973.

This work JAPAN LIVE famous in the world to capture the precious moments of rock history was recorded performance in Osaka Welfare Pension Hall of the 18th and 19th in May 1873.
It is re-released on a luxury package to celebrate the 40 anniversary.

* Tomoo Suzuki, who worked on recording & mix at the time, created the DSD master was added to the EQ / compressor again from the original analog master. In addition, the dynamics that have been recorded on the tape is re-mastered (for the first time in nine years) have revived the maximum at the optimum appearance.

* It was forced to significantly change song order because it was four side two sets at the time of release. The first time, it is recorded in the track order as they played, Besides, you can listen without stopping at the Disc 1 the main part.

* Inclusion tour pamphlet at this time is resized and reprinted.

* Paper jacket 7 inch analog single size that faithfully reproduces the original artwork.

* Luxurious booklet
The engineers Tomoo Suzuki and director Yuji Takahashi of the CBS Sony untold story of the recording at that time in conversation style.
The cover copy of MUSIC LIFE Japan and the interview issue  at the time.
Such as comments from Tim Bogert and Carmine Appice that was sent for this work and treasured photos are posted.

Limited Edition. 2013 remastered. Blu-spec 2CD. Resized reprint 7 inches analog single-size paper jacket, the tour pamphlet.
Disc 1
  1. Superstition
  2. Livin' Alone
  3. I'm So Proud
  4. Lady
  5. Morning Dew
  6. Sweet Sweet Surrender
  7. Lose Myself With You
  8. Black Cat Moan
  9. Jeff's Boogie
10. Why Should I Care
Disc 2
  1. Going Down
  2. Prince / Shotgun (Medley)
  3. Boogie